Ture Healing is Inside of YOU, by Emelia Brogna

I have had many family and friends remark on how lucky I am to be able to "heal" people. I whole-heartedly agree about the first part; I am lucky! However, I am more reluctant to agree with the second part, and quickly point out that what I really do is help people heal themselves.

Every one of us has the innate capability to heal ourselves. Have you ever been amazed that the cut on your finger closed up so quickly? Or fallen painfully hard while skiing, only to come away with just a few bumps and bruises? The human body is designed to self repair, and we do so amazingly well.

While this is innate to all of us, our bodies need optimal conditions to be optimal healers. Taking supplements, eating right, exercising, hydration, mental tuning and 8 hours per night of sleep all help with this.

Even with the body fit and rested, we sometimes need a little professional guidance to recover from our injuries. Physical Therapists are movement experts - we evaluate imbalances, weaknesses, strengths, alignment, compensatory patterns, etc..., develop a plan of care, treat you during your visit, then give you a myriad of guidance, techniques and strategies (read: 'homework') to correct these deficiencies.

There is only one true way to recovery after that. YOU have to do it. I give you the tools, you use them. Healing is most improved between our sessions, not during them. It is incredibly exciting to see someone manage pain, improve strength and return to their favorite activities as a result of the good work they have done in between sessions. I see it every day, and feel lucky that I get to witness the determination and commitment that my patients have to own their care.

With these skills my clients continue to treat their body optimally; preventing injuries and controlling their movement throughout life. This is true healing, of which I do feel lucky to take part.

Tell us: what motivates you? How do you take ownership of your health and body?