What goes up, must come down. By Suzy Shulman

I love the up. I live there, teach there, and practice there. I love it love it love it. “Up” allows me to be in the here and now, and yet not at all. I am completely focused on the up and not nothing else.


But here's the thing, what goes up must come down. I have learned the value of being down, calming down, enjoying the down. This is where the practice of Restorative yoga lives for me. 


Restorative yoga has been an evolving practice for me, spaning nearly a decade. The first class I ever took was when I was a full time waitress - my body, as well as my mind, for lack of a better word was spanked. I had no patience. I was tired and irritable.


During that time I was attending several power yoga classes a week and thought I was doing myself some good. I mean, I was practicing yoga, and any type of yoga is supposed to be calming, right??? Wong. I was so wrong.  What I really needed was time to just be, to release, to find ways to finish the ongoing conversations in my head.


With Restorative Yoga I found calm for my overused, sore muscles. Through breathing practices and supported poses, I found recovery. And that's not all I found. Restorative yoga also made me a better athlete. Yes, that’s right - a way better athlete.  It helped me to train smarter, not just harder. I recover faster after intense sprits.  Teaching four classes a day – easy.  Doing a three mile run and twenty minutes of mat Pilates – done. As long as I find my down, I can go up exponentially.


Join me every Sunday from 10:00-11:30 for Restorative Yoga and find your down.