Motion is Lotion, by Erin Ingram, SPT

What is the number one way to prevent injury? Keep moving!  Sitting all day can lead to chronic tension, tight fascia, and repetitive-use injuries.  How can you avoid such aches and pains?  Take a break every 30 minutes throughout the day. 


As gravity pulls down on your head and neck, weak upper back muscles allow your shoulders to come forward and your spine to round down.  From this position, it is nearly impossible to bring fresh air into your upper lung fields plus, this puts your shoulders in a position where muscle tendons and nerves could be compressed, leading to an impingement syndrome of the shoulders. 

Give your tissue a stretch break! Shake out your wrists, reach out your arms and make some space in your upper chest.  Take a deep breath.  Stand up, place your hands on your low back/hips, and arch your back such that you can look up at the ceiling.  Allow your spine to move, lubricating the joints between each vertebrae.  Feel you muscles and fascia stretch as layers glide upon layers, decreasing friction and promoting healthy tissue.

Take care of the body and give thanks for all the amazing things it does.