Yoga: Truths & Myths, by Lucy D'Aponte PT

The myths about yoga:

You need to be flexible to do yoga.

Yoga is a religion.

Yoga is only for young, healthy and "hip" bodies.

The truths about yoga:

The practice of yoga builds strength and flexibility and can always be modified to meet your body.

Yoga is not a religion but a way of life. There are many styles of yoga with different philosophies. All yoga seeks to bring balance to the body and mind and spirit.

Yoga is truly a gift- a gift for all of us. The practice of yoga reminds us of what we already know: we are perfect and complete just as we are. It allows us to find our fullest potential and ability to be "more perfect!"

Come and delight in the benefits of practicing yoga.

Yoga is good for general strengthening and flexibility (a compliment to most activities and sports), core weakness, weight challenges, anxiety, depression, joint discomfort and muscle weakness.

How to get started:

If you are struggling with pain or injury, addressing your issues with yoga-based physical therapy can help. Schedule an evaluation today.  We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and VT Medicaid programs.  Or, join one of our 6 week series for beginners - check the "workshops" tab of our website for upcoming openings.