Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training

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All Wellness hosts the internationally recognized comprehensive training program for a full repertoire of Pilates application beginning September 19th. What: Polestar Pilates, an international authority in Pilates that makes whole body health available to everyone, presents its Comprehensive Series course to provide skills to begin a career as a professional Pilates teacher or to use comprehensive exercises for professional health care applications. Who: Polestar is an international authority in Pilates that makes whole body health available to everyone through science-based techniques, critical thinking and the development of one’s own intention. Polestar Pilates practitioners of All Wellness offer local expertise. Katrina Hawley, will teach the Comprehensive Series. Objectives for Participants: 1. Develop the practical skills needed to become proficient with Pilates exercises, assessment techniques, movement sequences, and the application of the Polestar Principles. 2. Demonstrate familiarity with the following pieces of apparatus: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and props. 3. Identify the appropriate stage of a client and correctly select the most effective exercises to promote positive change. 4. Problem solve and design an exercise or treatment plan through case studies using the Polestar Screening or ICF model. Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for Pilates practitioners looking to formalize or enhance their practice, physical therapists, fitness and health enthusiasts, and other movement specialists. When: Begins September 19, 2015 and is a set of six, two-day course modules through February 14, 2016. The full schedule is available here. Where: All Wellness 128 Lakeside Avenue | Burlington, VT | 05401 Registraion: To register for the course, please call 305.666.0037 To find out more about Polestar Pilates, please visit PolestarPilates.com