What is Pilates?

"Change happens through movement, and movement heals." Joseph Pilates

Not looking for a physical therapist?  No longer feeling good in a high intensity fitness class?  Looking for a form of exercise that won't aggravate old injuries?  Pilates can help. 


Pilates is a precise, intelligent form of exercise that integrates mindful alignment, breath, and coordination for overall conditioning, flexibility, and vitality.  In Pilates, attention and intention are partnered with physical movement to create a balanced awareness of mind and body.


When you practice Pilates, you are learning the fundamentals of movement.  Once you understand these principles, you take them with you for life.  Simple everyday activities are more comfortable, yoga poses feel more aligned, and marathons are run with more ease.  The goal of Pilates is to bring the separate parts of your body together into one integrated whole so that you can enjoy life with more zest, ease, and confidence.


Pilates can be practiced with or without equipment and can be tailored for any age, body, or ability level.  Many of our instructors are trained through Polestar Pilates, a comprehensive Pilates training developed by physical therapists, designed to teach instructors to work with people just like yourself.


If you are new to Pilates, begin by scheduling your Three Introductory Privates with the front desk - we will pair you with the instructor that will best fit your needs.  After completing your Three Introductory Privates you may choose to continue working in a private setting, or transition into group Reformer classes.  If you have done the Pilates Reformer and want to try our classes, ask the front desk to waive the Three Introductory Private requirement for you. 



"I had chronic knee pain for years.  After only 10 sessions of Pilates it is almost completely gone - FANTASTIC!" Mark C.